Village Station East

A & R Midstate Management Contact Information:
Phone: 973-398-6609
Fax: 973-398-6925
Monday-Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Email: [email protected] 

Maintenance Fee Information:

Fees range from $260 - $558. Please call Management if you are unsure of your correct amount.
Late Fee: $25.00 after the 15th. The Association budgets for limited reserve projects and has a very low Reserve Account.  A special assessment is possible for projects, as much notice an planning will be provided.

All units are sent a payment booklet for quarterly water usage payments, this is in addition to your monthly maintenance fee. Payments can all be set up automatic, or paid directly to the lockbox below

Please mail payment to Smartstreet Bank using the coupon booklet provided to you to:

SmartStreet Bank

PO Box 105007

Atlanta, GA 30348-5007

To make online dues payments go to:  and select Online Payments:.

Questions? Call SmartStreet Bank (a division of Union Bank) customer service at 888-705-0600.
Echeck processing is at no fee, credit cards/debit cards have a $9.95 fee


Water is billed separate. Quarterly rates are $135 - $290

ALL  large items disposal should be done through your own disposal, contact the township of South Orange for fees and drop off locations, or contact the private vendor for fees DO NOT LEAVE ON SITE

Please review South Oranges web site for proper disposal of hazardous materials, paint etc.,

Grills are only permitted ( 1) per unit on the back patios all other will be disposed of.

Important Contact Information:

Insurance – Brown & Brown Insurance                             973-549-1870

                  Insurance Certificate Requests:                     Fax: 973-549-1000

                  Email: [email protected]

Police                                                                           973-763-3000

Fire Department                                                             973-378-7751    

DPW – South Orange                                                     973-378-7741

Town Hall – South Orange Village                                    973-378-7715

Cable – Cablevision                                                        973-645-6927

Phone – Verizon                                                            800-837-4966

Electric – PSE&G                                                          800-436-7734

Gas – PSE&G                                                               800-436-7734

Water and Sanitation – South Orange Water Co.              973-379-7715 Ext. 7738 

Landscaping                                                                 Contact Management

Garbage Disposal – South Orange Disposal                     973-762-3880

Security System                                                           Contact Management

Snow Removal                                                              Contact Management

Water – South Orange Village Water Services                  973-266-8869

Water Softener                                                              Contact Management

Utility Room Code:                                                         13524 (Door should be unlocked)
Utility Room Key                                                            $5.00 (Available from the Management Office)

Please Note:

Residents must keep the heat and all utilities on. Owners are responsible for any damage that may be caused to the common element or neighboring units from burst and broken pipes.

Please keep garage door closed
at all times.

Do not leave household items under the stairs.

Please call South Orange Disposal to arrange pick up of bulk items at 973-762-3880

Selling your home? Please contact [email protected]  or call 973-398-6609 for a resale packet for your buyer. A fee of $10.00 is required.
All units for sale must be registered with Management.
Be reminded to provide your listing agent with all of the proper information on the property including the Master Deed and rules.  
Check with South Orange for all required registrations and inspections needed to transfer the unit. 
Remove all items from the site in advance of closing. South Orange offers many locations for you to drop off items. Check with the town via their web site.

The State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs will conduct inspections of the site and individual units from time to time. These inspections are mandated by the state. Owners can be fined for not complying. The DCA contact is: G. Georgio at 973-378-7715 ext 7707.

Rules and Master Deed, Resolutions and By Laws are available by request for a fee of $35.00. Be reminded to review this information prior to moving in.

All tenants must be registered with the Association.  All tenants must contact the landlord for repairs.  Both owner and tenant will be responsible for common property damage.  

Our water bills are running higher than average indicating above average water use. This can be caused by hidden leaks from toilets, showers etc. Please be sure to review all plumbing within your unit.

 Master Deed - Part 1
 Master Deed - Part 2
 Master Deed - Part 3
 Insurance 2017
 Tenant Registration Forms
 New Homeowner Packet
 Certificate of Incorporation
 2016-17 Budget/Maint. Fees
 NJ DCA Inspection Letter 2017
 Modification Request Form
 2018 Maintenance Fees & Budget Letters
 VSE Insurance Letter 2018
 VSE Summary of Insurance 2018-2019
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