We provide professional services in the following areas:

Customer Service:
· Answer questions from Association members, Board of Directors
· Our telephones are answered by a friendly, qualified individual who will assist you with all service needs
· Our firm will communicate with appropriate service vendors, managers internet and mobile communications
· Follow up calls to members with status/update on issue
· Property inspections are done to ensure all work is completed

On Site:
· On site real time TOPS connected, via internet, Web based communications to all owners within minutes using the community web site
· Main office support when site office is closed
· Back up support on site
· 24/7 emergency response using remote telephone support, Managers are available in urgent situations, can provide owners with qualified vendors
· Set hours for homeowners to bring in service concerns
· Automated work order reporting for the Board, to assist them in planning services for the community
· Offering support staff Full or Part time Managers, Administrators, or any service that fits your community

Administrative Services:
· Attendance at all Board meetings
· Preparation of meeting minutes following meeting
· Preparation of all materials for Board Meetings
· Preparation of all materials for annual meeting and election
· Work with Association professionals as needed (i.e.: legal counsel, consulting engineers, insurance agent, accountants, etc.)

Accounting Services:
· Association fees are collected and posted (coupon books),
· We offer automatic withdrawal or credit card payment methods
· Associations with websites can view account information online
· Statements to members & past due collection letters
· Preparation of annual budget
· Periodic review of reserve status and recommendations to Board
· Receipt of invoices from vendors and professionals
· Review (accuracy check), coding and initial approval of all invoices
· Preparation of checks in payment of invoices for vendors and professionals
· Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
· Preparation of monthly financial statements for Board review
· Prepare materials for and cooperate with CPA firm for annual audit

Vendor Relations:
· Preparation of bid specifications
· Distribution of specifications to several qualified vendors
· Receipt and Analysis of vendor’s bids
· Preparation of high-level cover sheet for presentation to Board
· Communication with vendors – send letter awarding bid
· Review of all contracts before presentation to Board
· Ongoing review of contractor’s performance
· Receipt and review of certificates of insurance from all vendors

Community Website:
· Community Association website development
· Content creation
· Website maintenance and updates
· Providing homeowner logins
· Providing up to date account information through secured access
· Enhancing communications for communities
· Easy access to community documents

Other Services:
· Preparation of periodic newsletter
· Expert witness
· Project Management
· Transition
· Municipal Service
· Customized Service
· Mediation Services